WARNING:THESE PRODUCTS ARE PROHIBITED FOR SALE IN USA .These Products Contain Nicotine, a highly addictive chemical


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Stlth Device Kit

STLTH is a Canadian brand that aims to provide the perfect vaping experience at all times. It is best used especially with those people looking to quit smoking cigarette. This is the latest unit that delivers outstanding performance and adopts a sleek design. Since the device is small enough, you can carry it to whichever place you desire and start your vaping discreetly. A vaporizer is a closed-system unit with non-refillable pods for greater convenience. This design is only suitable for non-regular vapers. What’s more, it features three pods with a capacity of 2ml each to allow you to have a continuous vaping experience. You will get two nicotine strength options including 35ml/ML and 50mg/ML.

STLTH features a 350mAh battery capacity which delivers longer vaping sessions. It has a MicroUSB charging system at the bottom of the unit which lets you charge even on the go. In addition, it features an LED light indicator to show when the unit is being used. However, the light doesn’t indicate battery status. The main downside aside from the non-refillable pods is that they can leak part of the liquid when the battery is low. All in all, the pod kit is easy to use and looks great while vaping.

Parameters of STLTH Device Starter Kit

  • Battery capacity: 350mAH

  • Charging: MicroUSB charging system

  • Cartridge capacity: Three pods each with a capacity of 2ml

  • Nicotine strength: 35ml/ML or 50mg/ML

  • Firing mechanism: Draw activated firing

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