WARNING:THESE PRODUCTS ARE PROHIBITED FOR SALE IN USA .These Products Contain Nicotine, a highly addictive chemical


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Khalil Mamoon Turkish Gold Hookah

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Shaft: Stainless steel with  Gold finish.

Base: Transparent vase

Bowl: Egyptian clay bowl

Hose: KM hose

Style: Can slightly Vary*

Note*:It is important to remember that all Khalil Mamoon hookahs are handmade, and not mass produced. This means you can expect variations in etchings, details, welding, etc. Each Turkey hookah is unique in this way!


Ah, can you feel it? A relaxing night on the patio in Istanbul, overlooking the silhouette of the Hagia Sophia, firing up your favorite KM hookah. Well, maybe you're out of vacation hours and you just want to bring the vibes to where you're at. The KM Turkey hookah is just what you're looking for. Beautiful Turkish style engravings encompass this Silver* and Gold* shaft . Available in both a Silver*  and Gold* , the Turkey  Hookah has something to offer everyone. These are perfect for decorations,  lounges ,catering operations as well as retail smoke shops. The stainless steel composition makes this a strong and durable hookah that will last many years, and also helps prevent flavor ghosting in the down stem of the hookah. Just give this hookah a quick rinse out and it will be good to go for the next session. This makes turnaround time in your lounge or catering option must faster.