WARNING:THESE PRODUCTS ARE PROHIBITED FOR SALE IN USA .These Products Contain Nicotine, a highly addictive chemical


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Khalil Mamoon Safari Gold

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It comes complete with:
-Khalil Mamoon Tray,
-An ultra-long KM signature hose
-Egyptian Clay Bowl,
-Rubber Grommets,
-2 Cleaning Brushes
-Base Protector

Safari  Gold from Khalil Mamoon Hookah is a traditional supreme quality hookah. The Khalil Mamoon stem is formed skillfully from centuries of hookah manufacturing experience. The wide gauge stem is a durable work of art utilizing brass, copper, and stainless steel. Looking for a solid cast hookah with a little flare? Look no further than KM's handmade Safari gold  hookah as it  is to sit back, relax and inhale sweetly flavored smoke as you watch your favorite shows or chat away the pressures of your day with family or friends. Gone are the days you had to replace your shisha accessories due to damage… our heavy-duty construction ensures this Hookah will stay in perfect condition for years to come. Hookah shisha makes a great novelty gift for tobacco lovers or anyone who is looking to try shisha out… it’s the perfect holiday, birthday or surprise gift

*It’s important to note that Khalil Mamoon hookahs are individually hand-made and are not mass produced. Individual attention in crafting may result in variations in detail from the hookah pictured. Subtle stylistic differences in welding (including weld spots), finish, and hose and glass color are purely aesthetic and will in no way affect how well Khalil Mamoon hookahs will smoke.