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German Style Hookah w Silicon Hose

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    • Handmade Classic German style hookah
    • High quality rust-proof aluminum
    • Comes with a Silicon Hose
    • Easy to assemble
    • It's designed to be easily moved around. 
    • It's very easy to set this hookah up and working in few minutes. 
  • You will have the best hookah experience you've ever had with this modern hookah set.

A medium size hookah design which is made to give you the perfect smoking pleasure . This is made of extremely high quality materials and does the job perfectly. You can simply choose a flavored tobacco/herbal shisha flavor for your bowl, lighting it and adding the hookah charcoal to it. The aroma that hookah smoke produces is drawn while bubbling through water. After being filtered in the water, the pleasant smoke is softened and cooled, and it works in infusing the senses that are lingering on the air. This Classic German style hookah is handmade using high quality rust-proof aluminum. For this reason, this hookah will not rust or produce a terrible and unhealthy metallic taste. Traditional hookahs, on the other hand, are made using cheaper metals that rust over time.Packing  include a high quality hookah ceramic phunnel bowl, hookah charcoal tray, aluminum hookah stem with purge valve and twist on snap utility, high quality base handmade with grade “A” glass, tongs, and a Silicon Hose.*