WARNING:THESE PRODUCTS ARE PROHIBITED FOR SALE IN USA .These Products Contain Nicotine, a highly addictive chemical


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Disposable Shisha Hoses

NUHOSE Disposable Hygienic Hookah Shisha Hose.

  • Individually packed

  • Better Taste, Better Air-Flow

  • Affordable , Inexpensive

  • Extra Clean and Healthy

  • Single/Multiple use, Disposable Hose

  • Colors Are Random

  • Ideal for experiencing segregate shisha flavors

  • Customers preference for  clean, unused, sanitary hose in lounges


NUHOSE  Disposable Hygienic Hookah Shisha Hose.

NUHOSE is a washable hookah hose with exceptionally smooth air flow and it's available at a very low price.   They also feature an extra long handle that is very comfortable and easy to hold.  These inexpensive hoses are an easy way to avoid flavors "ghosting" in your hoses and interfering with other flavors. Have you ever smoke a hookah that was just used for Rose, Double Apple, or Mint?  We bet you could taste the other flavors.  Wouldn't you prefer to taste the flavor you actually ordered ?  Of course you would and your customers do too!  Hookah Retailers have been blowing these hoses out the door.  Customer are using them to segregate their flavors at home, too.