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Car USB Charging Adapter (DC)

Car Charging Adapter (DC)

This Car USB charging adapter is for electronic cigarette USB cables.  This accessory will allow you to charge your electronic cigarette on the go by using your USB charging cable with this car adapter. This adapter plugs into a standard 12-volt power outlet found in your car or truck. Just connect your USB charging cable into this adapter port then into your car power outlet for direct charging.


    • Connection Type:USB port + Car DC plug
    • Material: Plastic+ electronic components
    • Color: Black
    • Output Current: 1 A
    • Input Type & Value: DC 12~24V
  • Output Type & Value: DC 5V
    • Product Dimensions & Weight:
    • DEPTH:  29.1 mm
    • HEIGHT:  92 mm
    • WIDTH:  35.7 mm

What is in the package?

    • 1 x Car Charging Adapter