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what is vaping ?


Vaping is when you use an electronic device to deliver nicotine to your body.

Every vape has 4 components:

1) Device: 
Device is where the battery is.

2) Tank: Thisis what holds the flavoured e-liquid.

 3) Coils: the coils are basically filters for the vape, they are placed inside the tank.

  What is E-liquid?

 E-liquid: E-liquid contains propylene glycol (PG), Vegetable glycerin (VG), Flavoring, and nicotine (optional), Benzoic Acid (optional, and is found in nicotine salts)


Food Grade Propylene Glycol (PG): This is found in our day-to-day products like soft drinks, toothpaste, and dressings. This is what gives you the throat sensation a cigarette normally would.

Food Grade Vegetable Glycerin (VG): this is also found in our daily products such as many condiments, baked goods and dairy products. VG is what gives you the vapor.

Food Grade Flavouring: It is an additive used to put artificial flavours in to E-Liquids ‘

Nicotine (optional): A synthetic form of nicotine with  0 nicotine option.

Benzoic Acid: Found in Nicotine Salts, this allows the eliquid to be higher concentrated with nicotine and allows each puff to resemble a cigarette puff (in nicotine strength and sensation).


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