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HOHMTECH WORK 18650 2547MAH 25.3A

HOHMTECH WORK 18650 2547MAH 25.3A
2547mAh | 25.3A CDR | 35.8A Pulse & Peak
Can be charged at a tested/proven 3.86A rating: Yes, 3.86, as in THREE POINT EIGHT SIX. It is possible, tested, proven, and approved**
Phenomenal amperage delivery to drive power demanding devices
Cobalt Oxide is united with industry-leading raw graphite (C) per unit of measure
Exceeds all previous designs and chemistry results with greater amperage and capacity
EPTC (Enhanced Positive Thermal Coefficient): Reduction in Thermal Runaway potential
Updated Poly Seal: Enhances security of seal & proper operation
Cathode Tag made from UH Purity Aluminum: Ultra-High Purity (UHP)
Ahead of schedule chem bonding to U-Mn specifications: one of many processes conducted to achieve documented specs
NEW chemical stimulation and unity process achieves greater purity: Cycle Life is increased to 67% nominal average of original capacity
NEW meld process over 7kHz: results in charge rate capable of 3.86A
Model: Work v2
Size: 18650
Style: Flat Top
Nominal Capacity: 2547mAh
Continuous Discharge Rating: 24.7A CDR / 35.8A Max Pulse
Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
Maximum Voltage: 4.2V
Protected: No
Rechargeable: Yes
Dimensions: 18.10mm x 65.14mm
Weight: 45.07g